Q.  Where is fabric sourced?      Can I provide my own fabric?

A: As a complimentary part of her service, Jeannine shops for fabrics and presents options to her clients from a variety of sources.  She is happy to use a client's fabric as long as it is appropriate for the project identified, i.e. wearability, quantity, etc.


Q.  How are the slipcovers fitted so tightly?  They look like re-upholstered pieces.

A: A custom made pattern is made for each furniture project.  Seat and back cushion covers are constructed separately as an upholsterer would, each with a zipper for easy removal/cleaning.  The slipcovers for chairs and sofas usually have a single zipper along side back for removal.  They stay secure because of their custom fit, and a few extra details added during construction.  Methods for closing slipcovers for ottomans and headboards vary depending on their look.   


Q:  What are advantages of slipcovers?

A:  A slipcover is usually less expensive than reupholstering.  A slipcover can be removed and cleaned and even alternated if a client likes to change the look of the room seasonally.


Q: What are installation options?

A: Very flexible.   Jeannine can include installation costs in your quote, or she can work with you if you are handy with tools.


Q:I am looking for....

A: Just ask.   Jeannine has additional photos of other types of projects she can show you, and she welcomes new projects